Top 10 – Unique Food in Idaho

Ice Cream Potato - food in idaho falls

Top 10 - Unique Food in Idaho

1 - Ice Cream Potato

ice cream potato - downtown boise fry companyThough it appears to be a loaded baked potato at first glance, the Ice Cream Potato is sweet rather than savory. A reference to the state’s famous export but also a delightful treat when served in a puddle of warm chocolate sauce and a glob of vanilla ice cream wrapped in a layer of dirt-hued cocoa, and finally capped with fluffy whipped cream. It’s an odd treat but something everyone should try at least once.

2 - Idaho Ruby Red Trout

salmon - meltz extreme grilled cheeseHagerman produces nearly 70% of all farm-raised trout in the country, including Idaho ruby red trout. The boneless fillets are pan-broiled and served with wild rice pilaf and seasonal vegetables that have been brushed with house-smoked roasted red pepper butter. A delicious and heart-healthy dish that’s great for lunch or dinner.

3 - Beef Tongue

beef tongue - ketchup chili glazeOne of the largest Basque communities in America, Boise has an abundance or authentic old-country dishes. The tiny brick building housing Bar Gernika is located on the official Basque Block. This Basque cuisine pub fare restaurant offers pork solomo sandwiches and deep fried croquetas among other things!

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, try the pub’s beef tongue. It is served every Saturday from 11:30 AM or until it has sold out. The beef tongue at Bar Gernika is served with a side of bread studded with roasted garlic cloves that will surely satisfy your appetite!

4 - Huckleberry Milkshake

huckleberry shakes - pacific northwest mashed potatoesOne of the most unique places to visit in Idaho is Victor Emporium. With an old fashioned soda fountain with souvenirs, fly fishing equipment as well as huckleberry milkshakes made from ice cream sourced locally at Farr Candy Company! These creamy treats are so delicious—it’s no wonder people love visiting here time and time again.

Idaho is known for its huckleberries, which are similar in flavor to blueberries. Idaho’s state fruit can be found at Victor Emporium and they serve up delicious shakes with these juicy berries! You’re sure to find plenty of huckleberry ice cream as well—and huckleberry pie!

5 - Monkey Fries

monkey fries - gem state capitol blvdLefty’s Bar and Grill offers a unique, yet delicious option for those looking for some hearty options in town. The Monkey Fries are fried until they’re golden brown with ridges that give way to slightly spicy seasoning on top—then comes fry sauce!

These delicious french fries are the perfect side to your burger. They have a rich, tangy flavor that goes well with ketchup and mayonnaise—and you can’t beat those ridges for maximum sauce- scooping potential!

6 - Finger Steaks

finger steaks - bite sized creationsMost people think the potato is Idaho’s most well-known food, but most Idahoans will say “finger steaks” when asked to name the state’s hallmark cuisine.

Battered, deep-fried beef strips go great with a wide variety of dipping sauces. You can get a basket of these crunchy morsels at most dive bars and many major restaurants. Many use top sirloin and sprinkle it with fresh garlic before dredging it in seasoned flour and deep-frying it until it’s crunchy on the exterior but still pink on the inside.

7 - Jim Spud

The Pioneer Saloon is a local favorite for those looking to get their fill of Western cuisine. The walls are lined with taxidermied deer heads, which watch over each customer as they enjoy delicious steaks or sipper cocktails.

The space is decked out with sculptures, images and paintings that pay homage to America’s love affair with the Wild West. There are even Cowboy statues on horseback along side an shotgun owned by Ernest Hemingway!

After a long day on the Baldy ski slopes, patrons typically enjoy an early dinner with their friends, and they all swear by Jim Spud—a gargantuan 6 ounce Idaho potato loaded up teriyaki steak scraps and caramelized onions in addition to butter, sour cream & cheddar cheese!

8 - Idaho Sturgeon

The Hagerman Valley is a hotbed of aquaculture operations. The fresh and sustainable seafood at the Snake River Grill in Hagerman—like trout and sturgeon—comes from nearby farms.

Chef Kirt Martin, known as the Sturgeon General for his encyclopedic knowledge of all things seafood is in charge here. He goes through about 135 thousand pounds per year—whether breaded and deep fried or stuffed with shrimp, it’s always topped off by fire-roasted red bell pepper cream sauce! If you enjoy sturgeon, you shouldn’t miss Snake River Grill in Hagerman.

9 - Artisan Cheese

Idaho is a haven for dairy farmers. With its large-scale operations and small dairies that craft top notch artisanal cheeses, this state has something to offer every palate! If you find yourself in Moscow, Idaho and are craving some cheese then head over to Nectar where they have an incredible selection of North Idaho’s best farm-to table cheeses. Some excellent examples are:

  • Garlicky marinated labneh;

  • Tangy Orchard Blue cheese from Brush Creek Creamery in Deary;

  • Cougar Gold cheddar, produced just over the border at Washington State University in neighboring Pullman. 

10 - Duck Confit Poutine

If you are looking for a great place where the Boise locals go, Bittercreek Alehouse is your best bet. With over 20 different beers on tap and classic dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, this gastropub will not disappoint!

The confit duck poutine is an indulgent dish that pairs well with a decadent barrel-aged imperial stout. The first bite reveals soft, melt in your mouth meat topped off by rich cheese curds and gravy made from scratch every day using fresh ingredients like Idaho potatoes cooked to perfection!

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